envecon 2004

Water Management

The 4 th Periodic Review of the UK Water Industry: a large-scale practical application of environmental cost-benefit analysis. B Horton and J Fisher

TR: Bruce Horton (Environment Agency) Presentation

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The Value of a Tidy Thames: willingness to pay to reduce sewage overflows. E. Ozdemiroglu, J. Newcombe, S. Mourato, G. Atkinson and Y. deGaris

Ece Ozdemiroglu and Jodi Newcombe (eftec)

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Economic aspects of Water Framework Directive - the use of economic instruments. J. Morris

Joe Morris ( Cranfield University ) Presentation

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Combining economic instruments with regulation to achieve dual environmental targets: nitrate pollution and minimum river flows. A. Aftab and N. Hanley

Nick Hanley (University of Glasgow) Presentation

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Testing the Economic Theory

Model selection for establishing certainty equivalent discount rates. B. Groom, P. Koundouri, E. Panopoulou and T. Pantelidis

Ben Groom (University College London) Presentation

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Using stated preference to value annoyance from aircraft: a comparison of approaches. A. Bristow and M. Wardman

Abigail Bristow (University of Leeds) Presentation

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OOH la la: bid range and direction effects in the one-and-one-half bound dichotomous choice approach.

I. Bateman, B. Day, D. Dupont, S. Georgiou, N. Nocenda-Matias and L. SubramanianIan Bateman (University of East Anglia)

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An experimental investigation of explanations for inconsistencies in responses to second offers in double referenda.

A. Burton, K. Carson, S. Chilton and G. HutchinsonGeorge Hutchinson (Queens University Belfast)

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Willingness to Pay for mortality risk reduction due to air pollution in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

R. Ortiz, A. Markandya and A. Hunt Ramon Ortiz ( The University of Bath ) Presentation

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Climate Change & Energy

Political economy of the Climate Change Levy.

D. W. PearceDavid Pearce (University College London and Imperial College)


An empirical analysis of the announcement and the effects of the UK Climate Change Levy. P. Agnolucci, T. Barker and P. Ekins

Paolo Agnolucci (Policy Studies Institute) Presentation

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Public preferences for renewable energy alternatives.

A. Bergmann and N. HanleyAriel Bergmann (University of Glasgow)

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Nature Conservation & Agriculture

A valuation of biodiversity in the UK using choice experiments and contingent valuation.

M. Christie, N. Hanley, J. Warren, T. Hyde, K. Murphy and R. Wright Mike Christie (University of Wales Aberystwyth) Presentation

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Choice rationality in stated preference methods applied to farm animal welfare improvements.

D. Burgess, G. Hutchinson, T. McCallion and R. Scarpa Diane Burgess (University of East Anglia) Presentation

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UK consumers, regulation and the market for GM Food.

M. Burton, D. Rigby and T. Young Dan Rigby (University of Manchester) Presentation

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The use of economic valuation in establishing compensation under the proposed EU Environmental Liability Directive.

D. Chapman and M. Hanemann David Chapman (Stratus Consulting, USA) Presentation

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