envecon 2009

Climate and Carbon

Marginal Abatement Cost Curves for UK Agriculture, Forestry, Land-use and Land-use Change Sector to 2022

Michael MacLeod, Scottish Agricultural College

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Building a UK Transport Supply-side Marginal Abatement Cost Curve

Carline Spencer, Defra; Michele Pittini, Committee on Climate Change

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Carbon Kuznets Curves, the ‘Kyoto’ Political Arena and Economic Dynamics: New evidence comparing homogenous, heterogeneous and dynamic panel estimators

Massimiliano Mazzanti, University of Ferrara

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Modelling Individual Preferences under a Personal Carbon Allowance Scheme in the UK

icon Matthew Cranford, eftec

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Willingness to pay for carbon offset certification and cobenefits among (high-) flying young adults in the UK

George MacKerron, London School of Economics and Political Science

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Counting the Cost of Climate Change in Developing Countries: Application to sub-Saharan African countries -

Muyeye Chambwera, International Institute for Environment and Development

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Land Use and Water Quality: Integrating models of agriculture and river biology

Carlo Fezzi, University of East Anglia

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Residential Water Demand in Portugal: Checking for efficiency-based justifications for increasing block tariffs

Henrique Monteiro, Instituto Superior de Ciências do Trabalho e da Empresa

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Quantifying and Valuing the Non-Market Benefits of Water Quality Improvements across Europe for the Water Framework Directive: A multi-country common valuation design, implementation and tests of benefits transfer

Marije Schaafsma, VU University Amsterdam

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Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity

Saving Sumatra’s Species: Combining ecology & economics to maximise conservation efficiency within oil palm plantations

Ian Bateman, University of East Anglia

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The Value of Wetland Ecosystem Services in Europe: An application of GIS and meta-analysis for value transfer

Luke Brander, VU University Amsterdam

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A Valuation of England’s Terrestrial Ecosystem Services

Stafanie O'Gorman, Jacobs

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An Evaluation of Economic and Non-economic Techniques for Assessing the Importance of Biodiversity to People in Developing Countries -

icon Mike Christie, Aberystwyth University

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Design and Effects

Bankable Pollution Permits under Uncertainty and Optimal Risk Management Rules: Theory and emperical evidence

Julian Chevallier, Imperial College London

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What Does Cap-and-Trade Increase the Profits of Regulated Firms?

Ian Lange, University of Stirling

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Forestry Carbon: Valuation, Discounting and Risk Management

icon Gregory Valatin, Forestry Commission

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Exploring the Potential for Household Heterogeneity to Create Efficiency Savings in Farm Subsidies

Amy Binner, University of East Anglia

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Environmental Liability Directive and Economics

Ece Ozdemiroglu, eftec

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'Nature, Roads or Hospitals?' An empirical evaluation of sustainable development compensation options

Lara Lázaro-Touza, London School of Economics and Political Science

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Economic Valuation

Complexity, Decoys and Design in Choice Experiments

Dan Rigby, Manchester University

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Tough and Easy Choices: Testing the influence of utility difference on self-reported certainty levels in choice experiments

Søren Bøye Olsen, University of Copenhagen

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Expanding Stated Preferences: Augmenting choice experiments with contingent behaviour data in the demand for recreation

Emma Rowan, Queen’s University Belfast

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Can Stated Preferences Yield Robust Estimates of the Value of Statistical Life (VSL)? Results from lab and field investigations of a VSL for adults and children

Silvia Ferrini, University of Siena

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Investigating willingness to pay – willingness to accept asymmetry in choice experiments

Allan Provins, eftec

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Testing the Theoretical Consistency of Stated Preferences for Wildlife Conservation

Sian Morse-Jones, University of East Anglia

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