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Sophie Neupauer

Senior Consultant

Sophie Neupauer

Sophie Neupauer is a Senior Consultant at eftec. Since joining the core team in September 2018, she has worked on projects across most service areas at eftec. Recently, Sophie has worked on several projects applying stated preference methods to value various non-market goods and services. Sophie’s experience includes valuing water quality improvements for Defra and the Environment Agency, and valuing water service improvements and options to extend the social tariff scheme for Affinity Water. She has expertise in natural capital accounting and benefits assessments, undertaking projects from local authority scales (Haringey Council) towards national scales (the Caribbean network of UK Overseas Territories).

She co-authored the article ‘Natural capital accounts: nations and organisations’, featured in the Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy in 2019.

Sophie holds a BSc in Economics with Econometrics from the University of Kent and an MSc in Ecological Economics at the University of Edinburgh.

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