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Established in 1992, eftec is the first consultancy in the UK to apply environmental economics to public policy and business challenges and we strive to lead the way.

Accounting for natural capital
Accounting for Natural Capital
Measuring, valuing and monitoring natural capital assets
Autumnal tree
Appraisal and Evaluation
Supporting better investment and policy decisions
raindrop drip
Chemicals Policy
Assessing the socio-economic impacts of chemicals regulation
Scottish stream
Policy Design
Changing the behaviours of people, businesses and governments
Economic Valuation
Understanding individuals’ preferences and behaviours
Training and Support
Preparing bespoke courses, post-project support and dissemination

April 2021 Newsletter

Taking stock of Natural Capital Accounting in the UK: our briefing in partnership with COWI, and assessing amenity value benefits of a deposit return scheme for drink containers

March 2021 Newsletter

Circular economy for plastics and textiles, Environment Agency launches natural capital register and account tool, envecon 2021, and eftec's summary of the SEEA EA.