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economics for
the environment

Established in 1992, eftec is the first environmental economics consultancy in the UK.  
We address environmental challenges through an interdisciplinary approach, with economics as our foundation. We specialise in helping clients ask better questions, drawing insights from economics, science, social dynamics, and finance to support decision-making for a sustainable future. 
Our core focus is delivering multidisciplinary evidence filtered through economic analysis. This involves providing different analyses from various units, rendering invisible values visible, and making trade-offs explicit. We transform the unmeasured into the measurable, enabling clearer and more informed decision-making processes. 

our services

We specialize in applying economic analysis to improve how our economy works and find lasting solutions for environmental challenges.

Through economic valuation, we find out the true value of nature and its costs when harmed. We comprehensively appraise and evaluate projects and policies by including financial, environmental and social costs and benefits. We support design and implementation of chemicals policy through socio-economic analysis. We help design policies that promote nature-positive behaviours and discourage nature-negative actions. 

Our natural capital accounts include natural capital in accounts and impact reports to influence business, investment, and policy decisions while facilitating nature finance and monitoring nature markets. We also provide training, support and coaching to enable everyone to make better decisions.


our projects

Delivering over 800 projects for over 200 clients in 24 countries, we constantly look for new applications for our services and improve our portfolio of analytical tools and practical solutions. 

eftec news

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