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about us

At the heart of eftec’s vision and purpose is to make nature’s invisible benefits visible. We use economic valuation methods to reveal the value of nature and highlight the costs associated with harming it. Combined with innovative natural capital accounting practices, we provide appraisal, evaluation, and policy design services to support public, business, and investment decisions.
Recognizing that lasting solutions emerge when the diversity of knowledge and perspectives are represented, we filter multidisciplinary evidence through to economic analysis by working with key experts in environmental sciences and human health, and specialists in policy, finance, and social value. We draw upon our network of associates and partner organisations to create bespoke expert teams tailored to the unique demands of each project. This collaborative approach ensures that our insights translate into actionable strategies for a sustainable future.  
As the world wakes up to the crucial role of environmental economics, our job becomes even more important. We are catalysts for change, sparking collaboration across experts and decision-makers from different sectors and places to tackle the urgent challenges of our time.

our values

We're a diverse group at eftec, each with our own journey into environmental economics and unique motivations for the challenges we tackle.  
We're driven by three core values:  

  • Nature: We're deeply committed to protecting our planet. By making the economic value of nature visible, we work to place it at the forefront of decision-making, which is the first step toward a sustainable future for all.  

  • People: Our work is rooted in care for individuals and communities. We advocate for policies that promote equity, justice, and inclusivity, fostering human prosperity alongside environmental health. 

  • Economy: We understand the way the economy works is at the heart of many environmental challenges we face and are committed to using economics to tackle those challenges. Through our analyses, we reveal the true value of nature and the true cost of harming it, guiding decisions towards resilient and sustainable development. 


our networks

We are members of the following networks and organisations as their values are aligned with ours: 
•    Aldersgate Group - Member 
•    Capitals Coalition - Advisory Panel Member 
•    UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association - Member 
•    Ecosystem Knowledge Network – Corporate Partner 
•    UK Network for Environmental Economics – Founder  

our commitment

We want to be a great place to work, with as little impact on the environment as possible. We carry out annual environment reports and, we offset the greenhouse gas emissions, which we can’t avoid through the World Land Trust's Carbon Balanced Programme.

You can find our environment report and privacy, safeguarding, and Corporate Social Responsibility Policies in the footer of this page.



The first study on economic concept of damage and cost-benefit analysis to draft the EU Environmental Liability Directive


eftec was initiated by two graduates from University College London MSc on Environmental Economics and Natural Resource Management; with Professors David Pearce and Kerry Turner as patrons


The first stated preference study for a water company to estimate the impact of changing water levels in River Ouse (Yorkshire)

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