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our team

Our team is based in London and Brussels and is supported by our network of associates and partners. This provides us with a wide range of expertise to draw from to assemble the best team for each project. 

our associates

In addition to our core team, we have built strong, trust-based, collaborative relationships with a network of associates over the years. They are a mixed group of economists, environmental and social scientists. This network allows us to select the team most suitable for the needs of individual projects and clients.

Professor Giles Atkinson, London School of Economics, UK --- green accounting, costs of crime, economic valuation, cost benefit analysis

Dr Camille Bann, Environmental Economics and Policy, UK --- valuation of natural resources and economic appraisal

Professor Ian Bateman, University of Exeter & LEEP and Natural Capital Committee, UK --- economic valuation and environmental policy

Dr Craig Bullock, Co. Roscommon, Republic of Ireland --- environment economist and socio-economic impacts

Graham Cooper, Freelance consultant / editor, UK --- environmental finance, emissions trading, sustainable forestry, biodiversity, renewable energy

Professor Brett Day, University of Exeter & LEEP, UK --- econometrics, economic valuation, payments for ecosystem services, design of reverse auctions

Professor Martin de Wit, Stellenbosch University, South Africa --- environmental economics, governance and finance for municipal waste systems and business of conservation

Dr Silvia Ferrini, University of East Anglia, UK --- applied statistics and econometrics

Professor Nick Hanley, University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK -- economic valuation, agriculture, landscape, bathing waters and the marine environment

Dr Stephanie Hime, Little Blue Research, Carbon Disclosure Standards Board Technical Working Group --- natural and social capital assessments, sustainability consulting

Ulrike Hotopp,  LIVE Economics and University of Kent, UK, Competition and Markets Authority and OfGem --- evaluation and cost benefit analysis.

Professor Bruno Lanz, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland --- Environmental Policy, Energy and Climate Economics, Data Science, Behavioral and Experimental Economics

Eilis Lawlor, Just Economics, UK --- Social Impact Assessment, Social Return on Investment, Social Capital


Professor Susana Mourato, London School of Economics & Political Science, UK --- economic valuation, cultural economics, behavioural economics, subjective well-being


Raul Tolmos Saponara, Freelance Consultant and former UNDP and World Bank staff member. Clients have included the World Bank, UNDP, FAO, KfW, IADB, CIDA & WWF --- economic valuation and cost benefit analysis, social and environmental risk management, international development, environmental institutions design, policy making.


Professor Dan Rigby, University of Manchester, UK --- environmental, food and agriculture, economic valuation


Professor R Kerry Turner, University of East Anglia UK --- ecological economics, wetlands valuation, flood risk management


Mathew White, University of Exeter Medical School, UK – social and environmental psychologist, human health and wellbeing


Professor Ken Willis, University of Newcastle, UK --- economic valuation

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