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Allan Provins


Allan Provins

Allan Provins, a Director of eftec, joined the core team in 2003. He is an economist who works with companies, government and NGOs to help them make better evidenced plans and decisions. The main theme in all of this is choosing the right tool for the job (along with a healthy dose of pragmatism). Currently he is working with a number of UK water companies, supporting their customer engagement and strategic investment planning for the forthcoming regulatory price control process. This includes using a wide range of customer preference research methods, including revealed preference, stated preference, and subjective wellbeing analyses, and providing guidance and advice for the use of this evidence in the development of Business Plans.

Allan’s previous work includes leading the team that developed the Corporate Natural Capital Accounting framework for the Natural Capital Committee, and writing guidance for valuing environmental impacts in project and policy appraisals for UK Government.

Allan holds an MA in Environmental Economics (with Distinction) from the University of East Anglia, and a BSc Hons Economics from University of Nottingham.

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