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Russell Drummond

Senior Consultant

Russell Drummond

Russell joined eftec in 2021, with a primary focus in the valuation and appraisal of non-market goods and services for both the private and public sectors. He has led several projects implementing stated preference studies estimating demand for a range of environmental goods and services, including biodiversity, water and wastewater provision, and local amenity. Clients for this work include Defra, the Environment Agency, National Grid, and Homes England. He also has taken a lead role in writing appraisal guidance relating to the environmental impact of new housing development.

Prior to joining eftec, Russell completed a MSc in Economics at UCL, where his dissertation focused on congestion pricing policies and road use within the UK. He also studied and worked at Portland State University, where he was a research assistant while completing a graduate course in environmental and resource economics.

Russell holds a BSc in Engineering and was a practicing structural engineer in Oregon for several years prior to making the switch to economics.

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