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Thea Sletten

Director of Chemicals Policy

Thea Sletten

Thea Marcelia Sletten, a Director at eftec, joined the team in 2018 as an expert in economics for chemicals regulations and is now leading eftec’s chemicals policy work.

Prior to eftec, Thea was the lead economist for chemicals policy at the Norwegian Environment Agency and was appointed by the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment to serve on the Committee for Socio-Economic Analysis (SEAC), a position which she held for four years. She is a longstanding member of the Network of REACH SEA and Analysis of Alternatives practitioners (NeRSAP) and also holds an advisory role for the UK government through the Independent Scientific Expert Pool (RISEP) under UK REACH.

Thea has broad expertise in economic techniques and an in-depth knowledge of chemical risk management. She has supported a large number of industry actors, national authorities, European government agencies and NGOs with economic analysis within the chemicals policy sphere. This includes REACH Restrictions, Applications for Authorisations, risk management option analyses, large-scale impact assessments and studies of incentives for substitution.

Thea holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Economics, a Bachelor in Mathematics and Economics, and a Bachelor in Astrophysics.

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