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September 2023 Newsletter

In This Month's Newsletter:

  • Updated Natural Capital Register and Account Tool Now Available

  • Environment Agency release updated NCRAT version 1.2

  • Setting the Standard for Nature Investment

  • Ian Dickie, Director, appointed as Technical Author for BSI Flex on Nature Market Principles

  • Climate Theatre: Good COP Bad COP 28 

  • Rising Tides theatre's festival, 7 - 18 November

Updating the Natural Capital Register and Account Tool

Environment Agency Publish NCRAT Version 1.2

We produced a Natural Capital Register and Accounting Tool (NCRAT) for the Environment Agency in 2020 – 2021.

This year, we have updated the tool and are happy to announce it is now available to use, for free.

NCRAT is a publicly accessible natural capital accounting excel-based tool. It allows users to input data on their natural assets to estimate a natural capital value for their area. Results are automatically generated, providing a convenient, low-cost option for those who want to use natural capital information to support their decision-making.

This latest version of the tool includes: updated values and references, an expanded set of ecosystem services, and improved user experience.

You can read more and request access to the tool here.

You can access the user guide here.

Image: Rob Fraser,

Setting the Standard for Nature Investment

eftec Director, Ian Dickie, Appointed as Technical Author

for BSI Flex on Nature Market Principles

We are happy to announce that eftec Director Ian Dickie has been appointed as Technical Author for BFI Flex on Nature Market Principles.

BSI is working with Defra and industry to deliver a nature investment programme that will define standards to support markets for ecosystem services in the UK. The programme will cover the full range of nature solutions and will include a framework for investment standards. Its core objective is to scale up high-integrity ecosystem services markets to support the flow of private sector investment into nature. The programme will seek to develop markets that are robust, transparent, and fair by including a wide range of stakeholders and guarding against greenwashing. 

In this role, Ian will contribute to the development of a Nature Market Principles standard, which will guide the development and coordination of further specific standards as these markets develop. 

How to get involved

BSI and Defra are seeking to consult a wide range of stakeholders in the development of this investment programme. You can sign up to take part here. You can read more about the programme's strategy and goals here

Rising Tides: Good COP Bad COP 28 Festival

Theatrical takes on the climate crisis, 7 -18 November, London

For our readers who live in London or may visit in November, we strongly recommend paying a visit to the Space, where Rising Tides will host their 'Good COP bad COP' theatre festival to coincide with COP 28.

Featuring plays, discussions, and workshops, GoodCOP, BadCOP 28 is an artistic response to the climate crisis. The festival leverages local artistic talent to entertain, educate, and inspire action.

The programme includes:

  • NEWBIE: 7-18 November (Livestream 18th)

  • A fast-paced climate change comedy that sets environmental challenges against cooperation and hope. 


  • FURTHER EVIDENCE: 10, 11, and 14 November (Livestream 11th)

  • A collection of newly penned short plays, imagined through a conversation between the climate expert and writer, that will transport you through visions of lives and livelihoods in not-so-distant futures.



  • A day to participate in creative and fun activities focussing on reuse, repair, and recycling. Workshops will include: repairing your clothes, creative walks, and talks.


Performance times: 7:30pm 

Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes, plus interval

Tickets for all shows are Pay What You Can £8 - £20


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