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Socio-Economic Analysis (SEA) support on Nickel Sulphate

Title: Socio-Economic Analysis (SEA) support on Nickel Sulphate

Client: Nickel Institute

Year: 2010 to 2012

Service area(s): training  

About the project

The purpose of this study (led by wca-environment) was to develop a framework for undertaking a socio-economic analysis (SEA) in support of an industry response to the possible inclusion of nickel sulphate and its uses on the Authorisation List within the framework of the REACH Regulation.

The work tested the SEA framework for a number of specific uses of nickel sulphate, establishing the socio-economic benefits of continued use, the analysis of alternatives and the assessment of environmental and human health risks.  The work included substantial consultation with the nickel sector (producers, manufacturers and end-users) to establish the data necessary for developing SEAs and to develop the expertise needed to undertake future SEAs.

Whilst all the SEA reports are confidential, the developed SEA roadmap guidance developed is available here.

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