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Socio-economic analysis for an authorisation application for Tricholorethylene

Title: SEA for an Authorisation application for Tricholorethylene

Client: ENTEK

Year: 2014

Service area(s): chemicals 

About the project

"Socio-Economic Analysis (SEA) for an Authorisation application for Tricholorethylene", for ENTEK, 2013 to 2014: eftec supported ENTEK with their REACH authorisation application (dossier) for their specific (one) use of trichloroethylene, by developing a company specific socio-economic analysis (SEA).  eftec worked closely with Peter Fisk Associates (PFA) who supported the client with the development of a company specific exposure scenario (ES) and an analysis of alternatives (AoA).

The SEA demonstrates that the benefits of continued use to EU society outweighs the risks to human health and the environment, as well providing justification for a long review period which aligns with the time required for a transition to a safer green alternative.  The work involved facilitating an internal workshop, data collection, stakeholder consultation (with key customers and the sector association), valuation of impacts and a cost-benefit analysis. 

A public version of the SEA is available here.

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