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Ece Ozdemiroglu

Chief Executive Officer

Ece Ozdemiroglu

Ece Özdemiroğlu is the founder and CEO of eftec. Her work focuses on the economic valuation of natural capital assets and the use of this evidence in accounting and appraisal across all sectors. She uses economic analysis to showcase the benefits of taking interlinking action to restore nature, tackle climate change, and ensure long-term economic sustainability.

Throughout her career, Ece has been a voice for nature amongst decision-makers. She continues to work with forward-thinking investors, businesses, NGOs, and central and local governments by encouraging them to consider their impacts and dependencies on nature and to view the ecosystems we depend on as assets rather than externalities. To complement these efforts, Ece champions multi-disciplinary working and better ways of communicating evidence, including the use of arts.

Ece currently holds (or has held) many professional positions in national and international organisations and government bodies, including:

She has also co-edited or co-authored 11 books and is an Associate Editor for the Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy.

Ece holds an MSc in Environmental and Resource Economics from University College London and a BA in Economics from Istanbul University; she works in both English and Turkish.

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