In addition to our core team, we regularly work with external associates who specialise in different aspects of environmental economics and related social and physical science disciplines. Below are the names of the individuals and organisations in our network of associates and brief definitions of their expertise.



Prof Giles Atkinson, London School of Economics, green accounting, costs of crime, economic valuation, cost benefit analysis

Dr Camille Bann, Environmental Economics and Policy, valuation of natural resources and economic appraisal

Rhona Barr, PhD student at London School of Economics, payments for ecosystem services

Prof Ian Bateman, University of Exeter & LEEP, economic valuation

Dr Roy Brouwer, IVM, Free University of Amsterdam, economic valuation, value transfer

Dr Craig Bullock, Optimize, environment economist and socio-economic impacts

Dr Mike Christie, University of Aberystwyth, economic valuation, rural studies

Graham Cooper, Freelance consultant / editor; environmental finance, emissions trading, sustainable forestry, biodiversity, renewable energy

Dr Brett Day, University of East Anglia, econometrics, economic valuation

Prof Martin de Wit, De Wit Sustainable Options Pty Ltd, applied environmental economics with a focus on climate adaptation, energy, ecosystems services and waste; cost-benefit analysis and systems modeling; Sub-Saharan Africa.

Dr Silvia Ferrini, University of East Anglia, applied statistics

Prof Nick Hanley, University of Stirling, economic valuation, agriculture, landscape, bathing water

Prof Michael Hanemann, UCLA Berkeley and Arizona State University, economic valuation, natural resource damage assessment

Dr Bruce Horton, Environmental Policy Consulting Limited, environmental economics and policy, climate change

Eduard Interwies, Freelancer/Director at InterSus Sustainability Services, environmental policy consultant, environmental economics, water management, marine policy, climate change adaptation and the science-policy interface

Alaa Khourdajie, PhD Candidate in Economics at University of Bath, Managing Director at Climenomics. National and international climate policy and economics, sustainable energy policy and economics

Dr Bruno Lanz, Prof Bruno Lanz, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Public policy design, economic valuation

Edward Lockhart Mummery, Resource Decisions Ltd, Impact Assessment, policy design, institutional systems

Prof Susana Mourato, London School of Economics & Political Science, economic valuation, cultural economics, behavioural economics, subjective well-being

Dr Jane Powell, University of East Anglia, Life Cycle Analysis, waste management

Prof Ricardo Scarpa, Waikato Management School, New Zealand, economic valuation (esp choice experiment)

Paul Steele, freelance, development, poverty and environment

Dugald Tinch, University of Sterling, economic valuation, economic appraisal

Prof R Kerry Turner, University of East Anglia, ecological economics, wetlands valuation, flood risk management

Prof Jeremy Warford, development, poverty and environment, economic valuation

David Williams, public finance in developing countries, financing development programmes

Prof Ken Willis, University of Newcastle, economic valuation

James Winpenny, Wychwood Economic Consulting, economic appraisal, infrastructure assessment, water economics

Martin De Wit, Stellenbosch University, environmental economics, governance and policy


Carrick James Market Research, Market research

Cascade Consulting, Environmental impact assessment

Climenomics, Climate change and sustainable energy economics consultancy

Collingwood Environmental Planning, Environmental management, policy, socio-economic impact assessment

ICF International, Environmental management, policy evaluation, appraisal

Regeneris, Economic impact assessment, regeneration

Stratus Consulting, Natural resource damage assessment

YouGov, Market research