Our core team of twelve staff is based in our London, Brussels and Oxford offices. Brief bios of each member can be found below. Please click 'read more' for more information and contact with individual members of the team.


Ece Ozdemiroglu

Ece, the founding director of eftec, started her career in August 1992. Since then, she worked on about 400 projects, majority of which she managed or directed, including several large scale infrastructure and policy studies for public and private sector and NGO clients.


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Allan Provins

Allan ProvinsAllan, a Director at eftec, joined the core team in September 2002. His work has mainly focused on valuation of environmental and cultural goods and services and the use of this evidence in socio-economic analyses, including impact assessments, cost-benefit analysis, and policy and project decision-making.


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Ian Dickie

Ian, a Director at eftec, joined the core team in November 2007. Since then, he managed studies on habitat banking and biodiversity finance for the European Commission, and developing approaches for regional economic analysis of the marine environment for OSPAR.

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Dr. Rob Tinch

Dr Rob Tinch

Dr Rob Tinch, a Senior Consultant and the Brussels representative of eftec, joined the core team in April 2008. He is also director of Iodine sprl and senior consultant with Median SCP.

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Rohit Mistry

Rohit, an Associate Director at eftec, joined the core team in August 2011, following five years in another consultancy as a senior economist and two years in the financial sector for two of the largest global investment banks.

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Phil Cryle

Phil, a Senior Consultant at eftec, is an experienced environmental economist specialising in policy/project appraisal and the analysis of economic, social and environmental impacts. Phil’s expertise in cost-benefit (CBA) and interdisciplinary working has seen him produce economic analysis for the Natural Capital Committee’s second and third reports to the UK Government, co-author work-package 2 of the UKNEA follow-on and lead the development of the first full scale corporate natural capital account in the UK for Forest Enterprise England. 

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Erin Gianferrara

Erin is an environmental economist and consultant at eftec. She holds a BSc in Economics from the University of Georgia (USA) and an MSc in Ecological Economics from the University of Edinburgh. Erin specialises in economic valuation and has conducted socio-economic impact assessments and cost benefits analyses for numerous projects including the designation of Marine Protected Areas for Marine Scotland and the Joint Nature Conservation Committee.

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Adams Koshy

Adams joined the core team in August 2014. Since then, he has worked on natural capital accounting, including the corporate natural capital accounts for the Natural Capital Committee, and cost benefit analysis related to a large-scale infrastructure project and the implementation of the Bathing Water Directive.

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Sebastiana Hard

Sebastiana, a researcher at eftec, joined the core team in February 2017 following the completion of her studies in Aberdeen.  Her dissertation examined the effects of the extensive austerity measures on the health of the population in Greece. 

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Siegi Arndt

Siegi, the Contracts Manager at eftec, joined the core team in August 2012.  She is responsible for accounts administration and contracts management. She gained several years’ experience in these areas whilst working as a commercial Property Manager in the West End.

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